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I DID A PHOTOSHOPS! by sonicwerehoglovranti
i sttempted to do a drawing in photoshop of myself and gonna wait to do photo's of other characters. if you would like me to do your character, then send me a pic and when you would like it to be done. must be at least a week's time.
Pewdie was nervous to meet this beautiful girl he had been chatting with for 3 years with over the phone. She was always so nice, kinda shy like him. She sounded like a dream when she spoke at times. His heart started to melt at the thought of her face, since he knew her speech. This was the day things were going to happen. He knew this was HIS day...

He walked in and sat down. The waiter offered him wine, but he chose water. He sipped a little water, ate only one bread stick, as he was too nervous to eat. He saw 2 women walk in together, and assumed neither was Marzia..... A man and a woman walked in, and he thought they looked nice, for an elderly couple at a fancy restaurant like this.... But he was in Italy, where most restaurants tend to be fancy.... In his eyes.  XD

Then the most beautiful girl walked in. She was shining gold, like Stephano! She went up to the main counter and asked if a Felix Kjellberg had checked in. He called, and Pewdie raised his hand shyly. She went over to him, and realized he was more than met the camera's lens. She fell in love almost immediately. She had brought drawing paper in case she got bored.

They were both too shy to say hi, so she brought out the paper and a marker and wrote, "Hi, I’m Marzia...." Pewdie tool the paper and wrote, "hello, I’m Felix..." they went on writing for twenty minutes until the waiter came and asked if they wanted to order, but Pewdie could not understand anything on the menu, so Marzia told the waiter "1 lobster noodles and 1 lasagna, please?" the waiter walked away... she sounded even more beautiful than she looked, but her accent was thick, and hard to translate when she spoke. He had said only a few things, and by the looks of it, she liked when he spoke as well....

They had the best night of their lives, and they went to his hotel. He was so amazed by her beauty that no perverted thoughts came through. He was in love, and so was she. They knew they were in love with each other, but even to this day, they never thought a life together of laughs, smiles, and pranks would last almost 3-4 years! They love each other still to this day, even if sometimes, they annoy each other.
our first date.... Pewdie/Cutiepie
i thought this would be a hit of a heart warmer for those who support this and think they are cute. 
i am not a fan of the show, but i do not discreet any fans.... ANYWays...... i am willing to do requests little pony...

yes, sounds unlike me, but since it seems to be a rapidly growing fandom, and it seems that even though i am not a fan, i can still make art off of it.

i have one condition though... uncolored is free, colored or finely edited may cost a bit depending on what is requested. there is a list below. 

:redbullet: uncolored(fanmade or not) =free
:redbullet: colored or realistic shading(just the character)=20 pts
:redbullet: color and details ei. realistic shading/background (just the character)=35 or more 

i am relatively cheap because i don't do much, and it doesn't cost me much, but i do plan to use this. 

donation pools are a waste of others money... makes me feel like i'm begging.......... makes me feel pathetic....

but, this in turn does go to the community eventually..... i have plans, just order up something colorful or detailed..... someone may be the lucky winner of a premium membership if i have the money......


i dont know you.
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i am a cannibal, a sweetheart, a close and far away friend, and an overall just confusing person. i'm scary and i'm cute. i'm normal and i'm shut up and make a sammich.

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